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Meet Nubi, a 44 year old sugar momma in Dallas, Texas, USA. She is interested in meeting white younger men for dating and long-term relationship. She would want to be in a relationship and not just hooking up and breaking off.

Texas sugar momma

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Describe yourself

Let’s say you were walking around a paint store, you’ll find me in a section other than beige! I’ll be in the color, and some times, intense color, sections ☺!

I’m a walking juxtaposition and loving every minute of it! I am a person of deep christian faith and look for common principles to rally around. I enjoy lively discussions and connecting with people on a deeper level than the carefully packaged image. As an avid fan of engaging people with the purpose of understanding how to relate with them, I tend to ask a lot of questions! I have been known to speak my mind in my circles. I try to see both the details and the big picture on things, and seek to find the “why” of things. moving deeper than the proverbial “small talk”. I’m more a thinker than a feeler, and I also like to be very creative and think outside the box for the most part.

Being a first generation American (African heritage) I appreciate the different contributions each culture provides to my life. Critical thinking, my faith and logic help to provide balance and see the bigger picture.

I’ve been told first impressions of me can be very deceiving and the more comfortable I am with you the more you get to see me in all the sun rays! (I know it’s supposed to be “in all its glory” but I chose to change it . I like to keep myself well, but don’t think I can be considered high maintenance.

I am looking for

So now that you have had a glimpse under the curtain… Do you think you can capture my interest? We should be able to get along and of course, and depending on the depth of the relationship, a level of chemistry and attraction should exist. I’m looking for pen pals, friends, and, depending on the depth of friendship, someone who is able to win my heart. Only interested in honest brokers in any category. Duplicity will eventually be found out!



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