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Sugar mommy Aged 63 in Killeen, Texas, USA needs a man

Sugar mommy Aged 63 in Killeen, Texas, USA needs a man: Are you interested i hot creamy black tea? This sweet sugar mommy calls herself “Black Tea”. Black Tea is urgently in need of a young man than would be her lover and bring out the cream in her and make her feel young again. Are you up to the game? See more details below.

Black Tea is not interested in any special ethnicity, she is open to any ethnicity as she is open minded and would not want to put limitations to the man that’s really for her. She is divorced and is seeking for long term friendship and dating. She has children but do not live together, she neither drinks nor smokes.

Black Tea lives alone and would so much appreciate sharing her time with money with someone who at least is God fearing and does not take life too casually. She loves designer wears and also loves wearing the latest trends; always likes looking good, smart and attractive and wants a young man who falls in the same category.

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This sugar mommy aged 63 does not look her age and its somewhat difficult to believe her age, on casual days, she loves doing something athletic or energetic/Lunch with a friend/Catching up on household chores/Spending time with the family watching movies or shopping.

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