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Sugar momma Skype chat contacts

Sugar momma Skype chat contacts: On this sugar momma dating site, you can find online contacts of sugar mommas and get in touch with them directly. Get connected with this sugar momma on skype, she will be willing to do a video call with you so as to see you and you also see her. Continue below to find her skype contacts.

Sugar momma Gijo is a rich and happy woman aged 40 and resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. She wants a long-term relationship with a younger white man. See her picture and details below.

Sugar momma Skype chat contacts

This sugar momma skype chat contacts is not something she really hides, but you need to know a few things about her before contacting her, see below for info.

Describe yourself


I am 5’10, with long slender legs and a slim/athletic build. I would never describe myself as curvy, but I have a sexy, feminine figure. I work out but I am not a gym rat. I like to be a delight to the senses so I try to look, smell, taste, feel, and sound pretty and inviting, but I am probably more low maintenance than most!💅🏾💇🏾‍♀️💄👄


I can be a bit goofy, as I love to laugh and I don’t like to take life too seriously all the time. Mothers and kids tend to love me and I think it is because they sense that I am a genuine person with a good heart. I am not a party girl and never have been. I am more of the classic “good girl” “sweetheart.” I have a big heart and let it lead me in most things.


I enjoy most classic Disney movies (who doesn’t?), Reality tv (I know, I know but it’s good for escapism and my guilty pleasure), shows from the 80s, and action/thriller or epic movies. I love to hike, dance, do yoga, and try new restaurants. I LOVE pizza!!!!, Sushi, Italian food, Brazilian food, and Indian food (basically anything spicy and flavorful like me). I also love reading classic literature and Shakespeare (nerd at the core) and listening (and dancing) to classic soul and R&B music, as well as dancehall/reggaeton. (I also love parentheses if you haven’t noticed. Lol!)

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