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  1. Stars are many but it can not give light for the world while moon are one but very big and it’s don’t have ability to shine for long time while sun is only one but not big as moon and give light for hours during the day you are just like sun that can transparent to my life a flower that can give my life aroma sent of life I know you are an angel sent to this earth for a purpose and make it real towards my life my angel nikky. Here is my mobile number +2348039540525.

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  3. Hi sceniorita give me your whatsapp and your Will be hearing my love everyday. My digits are +905522161482. Ready to give you some love

  4. for more about me +971503902536( whatsapp also)
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  5. well…
    words will never be enough to say
    how beautiful you are…
    with this small words I want to say
    you are the most beautiful person I ever so…
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  6. If i had to choose whether to breath or love you, i would use my last breath to tell you that
    “I LOVE YOU”


  7. if i could change the alphabet, i could put “U” and “I” together just to show that you and i we are to stay together for enternity.

  8. love hurts, they say but with you am willing to take all the risk simply becouse i can’t imagine my life without you my “DEAR NIKKY”.


  9. I asked God for a drop of water, he gave me an ocean.
    I asked God for a rose, he gave me a garden.
    I asked God for an Angel then he gave me you my

  10. If i will be given a chance to ask a wish, i’d only wish one thing,

    “I woud wish that we would grow older tognther and our love would last forever”.


  11. waw…that is the most wonderful word I ever heard
    so I want to say thank you for those sweet words…
    however I did and I still interested in you…
    and I promise to give my best to please and make you happy
    all the time…
    have a nice day and thanks for the number

  12. if i could be anything, i would be your tear, so i could be born in your eye, live down your cheeck and dry on your lips.

  13. That is so cute gorgeous… you’re absolutely beautiful in that yellow.
    Love to get in touch if so by hit my line on [email protected]

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