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*On vacation/holiday in Oslo, Norway/London, England/Nice, France at the moment. Current city updated as I travel.*

I’m a cool, laid back kinda… oh, sorry! I’ve seen that redundant “description” so often I was beginning to think it was a prompt. ALL of you can’t be “cool/laid back kind of guys”, come on! Did I mention that I like long walks on the beach & candlelit dinners?

If you believe that you have to ask if I date [fill in qualifier here] then you’re probably not the [qualifier] I would.

I can be rather intense, but try not to take myself too seriously; definitely not the woman that you babysit. Unabashed introvert who has a tendency to nerd out on the most random things imaginable and is completely proud of that, adds to my charm. I have a massive ability for sarcasm and I am NOT afraid to use it!

Being painfully honest, the first things people usually notice about me

Eyes,, lips, smile, sarcastic wit… in that order. That, and I ALWAYS smell good.

My tastes can be quite varied.

On books: Anything Joe Hill or Stephen King ( I know everyone claims Stephen King, but I have literally read everything he has written pre & post alcoholism) as I have an affinity for the dark & twisted… in literature!

On movies: Anything with Johnny Depp, Shia Lebouf, Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gossling, Tom Hanks, Denzel, or Idris, but documentaries mostly; dude, I just discovered Grey Gardens… DUDE?!

On music: Literally almost anything… Lupe Fiasco, 311, UGK, Ella Mai, Rascal Flatts, Jeezy, Fetty, Evans Blue, Metallica, Blake Shelton, Jhene Aiko, Fabulous, Sia, Phantogram, Tove Lo, Tory Lanez, etc.

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