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You may be wondering if you will ever get connected, this sugar mummy dating and singles hookup site is a pace setter in sugar mummy connections, many guys have been connected from here and many more will also be connected. Its just that only a few guys take out some time to show appreciation when they have been connected and we commend the few guys that have shown appreciation here, we will continue to do our best to make sure the serious ones here are hooked up. See a screenshot of their appreciation messages below:

sugar mummy online connection

If you have not been contacted from this sugar mummy online connection site, it may also be your fault, the way you drop your contacts and your write ups also play a role in the sugar mamas picking somebody. We do not have a direct influence on how the sugar mummies choose, you post and they make their choice from there, so its up to you to write well and in your writing, prove to them that you are equal to the task.

These women are very rich and they would not like scandals, so they are very careful in selecting so they dont make choices that will haunt them in the ambitions. Below are links where you can still get hooked up, follow any of the links below to be connected.


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