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Meet rich sugar momma Jazz, she is a 39 year old woman in Liberty, Missouri, USA. She is willing to meet with a white/mixed man from the age of 30 and above.

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Are you from based in US, UK, Canada or Australia and you are willing to connect and chat with American sugar momma Jazz on Facebook, find out a few things about her below.

Describe yourself

I’m a carefree, outgoing, spirited, down to earth simple attractive young woman who is creative and loves to laugh. I also love reading books, cooking, dancing (when no one is looking) singing, fishing, camping, boating, and LOVE sports. I was once an all State varsity basketball star! I’m just your simple cute, well rounded, easy going, all American woman who is family oriented and loving life.

My heart is open and ready to be loved, because to love is nothing but to be loved is everything.

When it comes to music; music is my therapy! I love most genres but my playlist right now showcases a little The Fray, Daughtry, Rihanna, 21 pilots, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Adele, Billy Currington, Pentatonix, Glee Christmas, Beyoncé, Usher, John legend, and Lee Brice to name a few.

When it comes to my leisure time I enjoying playing softball, throwing the football around, shooting some baskets, not scratching on the eight ball, going a couple rounds down the lines, singing around the house while cooking or cleaning, playing sudoku or sequence on my phone. Or just cuddle up watching a good movie.

Some things I want to do this up coming year on my bucket list are: go on a cruise, go to New Year, attend a Taylor Swift concert, hike a trail in Colorado, explore my Heritage, go fishing and catch a few bass and catfish, and love someone back.

Although, my heart is ready to find the “one”, my other half of rib- I’m just going to go with the flow. I have a lot of love to give. I’m a lover not a fighter. I’m not into playing mind games unless it’s sudoku. It’s the season for change, love, magic, and miracles.

I come from a biracial background family and I’m opened to the character of the man and I appreciate all the colors of the world, however, with that being said I tend to prefer white men due to my upbringing and interests.

A perfect date would be a date that was totally unexpected and unplanned. And if it was a really good date, why not seal it with a sweet but simple kiss.

I am looking for

A gentleman with a good heart and head on his shoulders. Someone who can stimulate my mind, encourages me as well as challenges me to different heights. Someone who is confident and strong. Knows who he is and proud of it. Comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t mind if I shine at times, but knows I shine best when I’m with/ beside him. He has to be open minded, outgoing, cultural, educated, family friendly/ oriented, and articulate. Playful is a must- I love to laugh and he must like dogs! Add me on Facebook lets have a Facebook chat or video call.


  • Hello I am mike Gabriel,how are you doing there?
     I think we are Looking for the same things but mine in a woman, Just that i am Looking for a nice, Honest, Kind and Caring woman, a woman that will Love and be with me for the Rest of my Life
    : Am not looking for someone to date but someone to spend the of my life with,All i need from you is just being sincere to me,make me feel secured,appreciate,love,care and being understanding,All my life has been engolfed with misery and loneliness,i watch my life layed wide spread in front of me and didn’t know what to do with it,my life has been so boring and hope with someone who is ready to Love me for who i am now it’s gonna change for the best.

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